Geno Roefaro helps businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals online. From billion dollar brands to startups, Roefaro successfully leads their digital strategy.


After working with hundreds of companies locally and nationally, I’ve had the opportunity to learn what works. Being a business owner myself, I’ve also faced many of the same challenges my clients encounter. Working with clients, partners, employees and vendors, the “Keys to Success” are always same:

Give more, provide more value than expected and be grateful. Dream big, go big and step up! Be relentless, even when you’re afraid to fail or look stupid, never ever give up! Be honest, care about others and always keep your “why” in mind. Surround yourself with people better, smarter and faster than you. Eat healthy, work out regularly and live life full of energy and passion! And remember, if you want something, help others achieve what they are looking for, and whatever you want is yours!

With the economy and technology constantly evolving, it’s essential to align yourself with partners who are on the cutting edge. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing how I can help your business.

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