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6 Ways to Be a Better Leader

September 25th, 2015 by Geno Roefaro, President of



We’ve all had bosses we’ve loathed, but have we all had bosses we’ve loved? Now that you’re in a leading position, wouldn’t you strive to be one of those great bosses? Assuming you don’t take the Machiavellian approach, here are some ways to be a better leader that people will genuinely love to work for:

  1. Expect More

You have surrounded yourself with talented employees that do their job well. But don’t just settle there, expect more. Not only should they do their jobs well, you should expect them to go above and beyond, for them to be better than good, to be great.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Emotion

Of course you always need to be professional, however just because you are doesn’t mean that you can’t be human. It is great to be excited when things go well as this gets others excited and increases productivity. It is okay to show disappointment or recognize when things are not going well while not directing it toward anyone but yourself or a situation. This will encourage your employees to work harder as they empathize. Furthermore, always show sincere appreciation for hard work or extra effort. It only leads to more of the same.

  1. Never Place Blame

Although sometimes it may be easy to blame someone for some specific thing going wrong, never do so. There are ways to acknowledge situations that are less than desirable ahead of time, before they become a disaster. As a great leader, you must do this and never be afraid to address the situation to those involved. Holding someone accountable for their part is much different than blaming them for a problem. Ask them how they feel, how they see the situation and what they think they could do differently. Never throw employees under the bus.

  1. Don’t Be Above Anything

You are the leader because you’ve taken steps to be there. You’ve done every job, probably from the bottom up. From the most menial tasks to the dirtiest jobs, you’ve been there. That doesn’t mean you can’t go back. Great leaders are not above anything, and when the going gets tough, they roll up their sleeves and step up.

  1. Inspire

Motivate and inspire your employees through words and actions. Make them feel like they are working with you, not for you. You are a team and great leaders are there because their followers want them to be in the position they’re in.

  1. Better Your Employees for Life

It is no surprise that many of those you lead will not always be your employees. People move on to other jobs, even other careers, and although you are working for the greater good of your company, as a great leader, you can do much more. Teach your team members lessons they can learn for life, which will carry through to whatever they choose to pursue. Many of what you instill in them can be transferred to any career. As a great leader, you have the opportunity to set a foundation that will make them the best employee they can possibly be, and a great leader too someday.

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