SUCCESSES is full service digital agency helping entrepreneurs, companies and governments improve their online presence, develop innovative mobile apps and reach their goals though online marketing. Geno Roefaro is the Co-Founder and President along with investor and CEO Mike Mann. was a web based service that helped automate the collection of HOA fees for attorneys and property managers. Geno developed the app after seeing a need in the market during the 2008 financial crisis, as the real estate industry crashed. DueCollector was sold, and is now closed. is mobile app that college students use to pay for groceries, meals and college materials without depending on their wallet. Reward points and deals are also offered during a purchase. Roefaro assisted in the strategy and creation of the Moocho website and app as President of is a series that highlights distinguished business leaders through seminars, interviews and publications. The goal is to help others accomplish their dreams. Geno created the series after he attended a seminar that inspired him, and wanted his then classmates to experience the same.
IN THE WORKS is web based company providing tutors a complete set of digital tools to run and grow their business. The platform also provides students with a helpful resource to find the best tutor for them. Geno and have provided consulting and strategy since concept, and are equity partners. is a startup company providing merchants with integrated mobile payment and marketing consulting services. plans to become an authority and integrator for merchants wanting to accept mobile payments. Geno co-founded the company with business partner and CEO Mike Mann. is an innovative mobile app that has many desired features for any smart phone user. The details of this project are currently confidential but the app we will released to the public in Q1 of 2015. Geno and his partners are excited for the launch of this revolutionarily new mobile app. is a startup web based company which plans to help independent service providers run and grow their business more efficiently. Rooster will also provide consumers with a robust platform to search, review, book and pay for their next service. Geno and are invested in company.
FAILURES was a successful web hosting company that offered services to small businesses. Geno along with two other classmates founded the company while still attending college. The company had significant cash flow and was profitable within the first 8 months. However, V3 Hoster ultimately failed due to partnership disputes, lack of internal planning and overall inexperience in business. offers consumers the opportunity to read and leave reviews on their local pharmacy and pharmacist. has not yet become a successful business, however it remains a great idea with a lot of potential, but has limited cash flow and management. Geno sees this company as a failure because the business model was never executed properly. was a Facebook application for dating. “TwoClickz” had almost the exact same functionality and concept as “Tinder”, but it only worked on Facebook. The idea was correct according to the four Founders. Geno was an equity partner and helped to develop the app from the concept level, but believes it failed because it came out “before its time and mobile apps were not popular yet”.